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    Are you interested to work with a French handcraft company based in Paris, and provide the best quality watch straps to your client ?

    If so, please contact us so we can communicate you our B2B catalog & price list.

    From local watchmakers to famous watch brands, or newly crowdfunded companies, join the long list of businesses enjoying a high level of guidance, quick timeframe to produce straps, and unique customization options.

    All our B2B solutions offer you a personalized access to our B2B live customizer.

    Without any prices displayed, you can use it on a tablet in front of your customers and make their strap appears right before their eyes, step by step.

    It can be used in coordination with our multiple skins charts, to share the artisanal touch & feel.

    Alligator color chart

    Alligator color chart big


    Here are the packages we offer :