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    Our water-resistant leathers !

    Our water-resistant leathers !

    Whether you like to walk on the beach or under the rain, we recommend you to choose water-resistant leathers for your straps. Our wide collection of leathers allow us to find the strap that will match your tastes and needs. 

    Water-resistant alligator, shark or rubberized calf will be your new references in term of leathers if you're not afraid to get wet !

    For a 100% waterproof strap that you can use daily to swim and dive, prefer a strap in rubber. But for occasional swims or residents of tropical regions the choice is wider ! Here are some ideas for your made to measure straps :

    A colorful and original strap : Shark.

    A very pleasant grain with a texture that will bring an amazing contrast of colors ! Be careful : If it's specified that the leather is "nubucked", then it won't be water-resistant.

    Omega Speedmaster with grey shark water resistant Nato strap
    Nato strap in shark on an Omega Speedmaster watch

    Omega Speedmaster with blue shark water resistant strap
    Classic strap in blue and orange shark on an Omega Speedmaster watch


    Fashionable and timeless strap : Water-resistant alligator. 

    Unlike the shark, the alligator leather is not water-resistant by nature. A special tanning is applied to it to make the surface water-resistant.

    You'll find classic and timeless colors of leathers that you'll be able to combine with a contrasted stitching.

    Omega Speedmaster with black alligator water resistant strap

    Black water-resistant Alligator on an Omega Speedmaster watch

    A sporty look : rubberized calf.

    With the different colors in store you'll be able to make a sober yet very sporty strap which characteristics will be close to a rubber strap.

    White water resistant rubberized calf strap

    White rubberized calf with silver stitching


    For those straps, make sure to choose a rubberized calf in lining : We don't always think about it but it's very important that the lining of your strap is as water-resistant as the leather on top. Otherwise you won't be able to go for a swim !

    Omega Speedmaster watchstrap with water resistant rubberized calf lining
    Lining in black rubberized calf 


    We recommend you to wash out your strap (and your watch) with clear water after every swim. Indeed, even if the leather is water-resistant, it won't be resistant to the salt or chlorine.

    So go head, try our customizer and make your bespoke summer strap.