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    Hanhart Watches Montres Neuves New

    Atelier du Bracelet Parisien is an official dealer of the Hanhart brand in our store in Paris, as well as on our website, where we offer all Hanhart watch models (non-exhaustive list) : Pioneer, Racemaster, Primus, Classicmaster, ...

    All new watches that we sell are guaranteed for two years, delivered with the original watch strap, but also with a second ABP watch strap, either in stock or made to measure (according to the price of the watch), for the watch bought or for any other watch of your choice.

    Please use the form below to get a quote or to order your Hanhart watch among the following models (non-exhaustive list) : Pioneer, Racemaster, Primus, Classicmaster, ...

    Get a personalized contact with our team of experts, and we will get back to you with our best price & service.